Headless Applications

OPENRNDR can be ran in headless mode on machines that have EGL support. Using the EGL backed headless mode Programs can be ran without active graphical environment. This makes it for example possible to use OPENRNDR to create command line utilities that can be run in a SSH session or as a background service.

The default backend on the JVM is GLFW, in order to use headless mode you will need to run OPENRNDR with EGL by adding -Dorg.openrndr.application=EGL to the VM arguments in the launch configuration.



Only supported on platforms that support EGL for context creation; which is Linux.


Headless applications cannot draw on the backbuffer, because there is no backbuffer. In order to draw you need to create a RenderTarget and draw on it. Render target contents can easily be saved to file, or rendered to video.

Mouse and keyboard events

Headless applications cannot handle mouse or keyboard input.


Headless applications (currently) cannot create secondary/shared contexts and as such ColorBufferLoader does not work.

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