The Kotlin programming language

Kotlin is a modern, readable and fun language, perfect for creative coding.

If you are not familiar with any programming languages w3schools might be a good place to start.

The website includes a code editor, but you can also use the official online editor found at In this online editor we can type code, run text-based programs (no graphics) and study the output without installing anything on our computer.

Once we are familiar with the basics we are able to start having fun with OPENRNDR.

If you are already familiar with another programming language take a quick look at the basic syntax.

From the Official documentation we recommend exploring the Basics, Concepts and Standard Library sections. Data structures like List, Map and Set are explained under the Standard Library section and they are one of the aspects that make working with Kotlin enjoyable. Check them out!

An introduction to Kotlin focused on OPENRNDR will follow soon :-)

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