The Camera2D extension

This extension allows the user to easily pan, rotate and scale the view using a mouse.

  • For panning, click and drag with the left mouse button.
  • For scaling, use the mouse wheel.
  • For rotating, click and drag with the right mouse button.

Using the Camera2D extension can be useful to find the right framing for a design before taking a screenshot.

You see, sometimes generative design involve randomness, and by using this extension you can choose what is up and what is down, and how much space you want between your creation and the edges of the window after the design has been created.

fun main() = application {
    program {
        backgroundColor = ColorRGBa.PINK
        extend {
            drawer.rectangle(, 200.0, 50.0)
  , 0.3), 100.0)

Find the simple source code of this extension in the orx repository.

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